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Morton Buildings Law Enforcement Training Centers featuring Hufcor’s FlexTact™ moveable wall systems.
Morton Buildings

Morton Buildings’ the nation’s leaders in timber-frame, steel covered, introduces our new tactical training centers, which are designed specifically for local law enforcement tactical situational training. Our easy to erect stand-alone buildings offer departments a complete turnkey building to use for continual tactical training, especially for real situational simunitions training.

Unlike other stand-alone buildings where each building simulates a different situation, the Morton system comes exclusive with the Hufcor FlexTact™ moveable wall systems. This exclusive feature allows your department to create an endless number of room setups and situational configurations, all within the same building. Train in the morning for a retail storefront entry then within 30 minutes, reset and train in a hotel setup -- all in the same building!

You can create endless room combinations from simple mazes to layouts that simulate hotels, retail storefronts, residential layouts, office spaces and the list is endless.
(View some typical layouts link.)

Your department can benefit by providing more situations at a lower cost by building a single Morton Buildings training center. And, by not sending your staff to remote training facilities, your entire staff can participate in continual training without the ongoing travel and downtime expenses associated with remote out-of-town trainings



Each building has a menu of options to choose features that meet your department’s specific training needs from single-story, two-story layouts, meeting room sizes, windows and egress points and meeting room accessories. You can even create moveable glass walls to simulate office building and retail storefronts. Prepare your force for multiple scenarios in much less time and overall costs than traditional off-site training.

The Hufcor tactical simulation walls simply move into place using patented Hufcor overhead track systems and seal to the floor when in place.

Click here to view video clips of the Morton Building training centers with the Hufcor flexible set up system.

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